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Smart Houses And Smart Cities Of The Future

Smart Houses And Smart Cities Of The Future

If you are not aware of what Smart houses actually are, they will literally create the cities of the future. These are sometimes referred to as Smart cities, entire communities that are able to use this advanced technology to complete everyday tasks. You have probably seen commercials showing how people can use voice commands, allowing them to turn on the lights, check their phone messages, and a multitude of other activities. They can get their own alarm on for their home, or call their kids by simply asking the number to be dialed which can be heard throughout the household. Let’s look at what Smart houses are, what Smart cities will be, and whether or not this is a good thing for the future.

What Are Smart Houses?
These are houses that will literally be the homes that will be commonplace. People that grew up watching Star Trek, and any other science fiction show where verbal commands where followed by a computer system that controlled everything, this is becoming a reality. On a very basic level, if you have a smart home, you would be able to contacted via cell phone, asking if the coffee maker was on or off. You could also set the security all arm remotely. Essentially, any device that is looked directly into your electrical sockets will be connected to the system via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth controls. When more of these are built in communities, entire cities could arise creating what are called Smart cities.

What Are Smart Cities?
Imagine an entire community that has solar panels, completely off the grid. However, despite being disconnected from power lines and the electric company, they are all independently connected. These can be controlled using smart phones, tablet computers, and people could interact together by simply stating the name of the person in the community that you would like to talk to. Their face would appear on your screen on televisions that would be throughout each household, helping you to connect with one another. Anything that you have seen in even cartoons like the Jetsons is slowly coming to pass. Once multiple cities are created, you can create grids of cities that are all working together sharing energy and information.

Will This Be A Good Thing For Society?
Since all of this works off of electricity, the primary concern would be power. As long as there are plenty of solar panels and solar arrays, and storage devices for that electricity, they could literally work independent of electricity providers. They would also have the ability to use what are called mesh networks, a way of connecting with people going far beyond text messaging. Using what is called a source routing algorithm, it will take social networking to a much higher level by connecting not only individuals that know each other, but surrounding communities. What people may worry about is too much interconnection. There are some people that actually don’t know their neighbors down the street. However, this might actually improve society, and help lessen the fingerprint of humanity on the environment by making Smart cities, and Smart homes, that are absolutely self-sufficient.

Society has come along way since the days of the early explorers, and those that traveled across America building log cabins. We are now looking at a global society, one that literally is approaching science fiction because of technology. Hopefully this will continue to grow in a positive way, utilizing energy that is freely available through the sun and wind. It is a step in the right direction according to most, and if done the right way, it could transform our society faster than ever before in history.


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